Drunk ADA Pulls Rank—or Tries to

Brooklyn assistant district attorney Imran Ansari was arrested for refusing to pay his taxi fare.  Ansari insisted that, as an ADA, he outranks the police.  Instead he was charged with the crime of theft of services.

Unfortunately this is the attitude of many in the District Attorney offices.  That is: I’m an ADA, and so above the law.  Cops, prosecutors, etc. are public servants.  The public is their boss, public servants are not the bosses over the citizenry.

This kind of attitude is endemic through the criminal justice system.  New York ADA’s represent the People of the State of New York—all the people.  In a system filled with people like this, anyone facing the criminal justice system needs a zealous advocate in his or her corner.  We can be reached 24/7 at (800) 3-RLG-LAW.

Full disclosure: I worked as an ADA in Brooklyn and elsewhere in NYC, but I never met the subject.  Also, no NYPD cop would ever take kindly to this line of argumentation.

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