Queens DA Violates Miranda Rules

The Queens DA’s Office has been interrogating defendants without counsel.

The DA has instituted “‘central booking interview program’ in which prosecutors interrogate suspects before they are arraigned or have counsel assigned to them.”  Before arraignment, the office assigns ADA’s and detectives to interview those arrested for crimes:

Before he was arraigned, he was interviewed by a detective and two assistant district attorneys through a Spanish-speaking interpreter. They told Mr. Perez, “If there is something you would like us to investigate concerning this incident, you must tell us now so we can look into it.” Only after that did they give him Miranda warnings on his right to remain silent and be provided counsel.

 This is a disgusting example of a clear Miranda violation—if true.  The right to counsel has clearly attached and anyone in custody gets their rights read to them under the Miranda rules.  That is not just Queens or NYC, but nationwide.  Since anyone can be arrested, everyone needs to know their rights and needs to know an attorney who can provide competent representation.

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