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Sorry for the brief hiatus, folks.  I’m going to be back to blogging again very soon… so stay tuned!

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Why Journalists Love Twitter and Hate Blogs

Here is an interesting comparison of Twitter and blogs: Blogging was a direct attack on MSM hegemony at both the micro (fisking) and macro levels (explanation space). I just don’t see Twitter as the same threat. It is a flood

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Announcing Rob Greenberg.com

I’m proud to announce that this blog is now hosted at RobGreenberg.com instead of  .net.  The .net links will still work, so there is no need to update your bookmarks. There was a brief problem with the name servers, but

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What Should I Name This Blog?

Right now my blog has the super-creative title of “Rob Greenberg.”  While this is obviously effective in communicating to whom the blog belongs, it lacks a certain panache. So what names work better?  Should I keep the simple, tried-and-true name

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