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Big Week for Robert L. Greenberg, P.C. – Score 2 for the Good Guys

Big week for the firm of Robert L. Greenberg, P.C. We convinced the Bronx District Attorney’s Office to decline to prosecute in a case involving possession of a controlled substance–our client’s own prescriptions, in his own home. Later in the

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Drunk ADA Pulls Rank—or Tries to

Brooklyn assistant district attorney Imran Ansari was arrested for refusing to pay his taxi fare.  Ansari insisted that, as an ADA, he outranks the police.  Instead he was charged with the crime of theft of services. Unfortunately this is the attitude

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Woman Files False Rape Claim Because She “Didn’t Enjoy It”

This is why all defendants are innocent until proven guilty: Police said Lynette Lee admitted to a Clarksville detective last week the rape claim she had made earlier in the month was false. She said she had only made the

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Why It is Difficult to Remove Bad Police Officers

Reason has an article on “Why Firing a Bad Cop is Damn Near Impossible.”  In it, Mike Riggs explains about how difficult it is to remove a police officer, even when they commit crimes in uniform. When police officers act

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Defense of the Bronx DA Policy to Decline to Prosecute

The Bronx District Attorney’s Office has declined to prosecute more cases than the other New York City District Attorney’s Offices. Declining to prosecute cases that cannot be proven, where witnesses are uncooperative, or where the cases are almost certain to

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