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Digg Sold for $500,000

Digg, the social network that was once the high flier of the social media world, has now been sold for (only) $500,000. According to the WSJ, it was once valued at over $160 million… Oh how the mighty have fallen.

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The Decline and Fall of Facebook

Facebook may have won the social media battle, but what’s the prize?  Bob Cringely predicts a finite shelf-life for Facebook. [W]hile Facebook is certainly a huge social, cultural, and business phenomenon, I just don’t see it being around for very

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Social Media Stupidity in Trial

A Juror in a UK drugs trial decided to communicate with the defendant, who was later acquitted.  Now the 40-year-old, mother of three faces up to two years in prison for contempt of court.

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Facebook Increases Security

Malicious software on Facebook is an increasing problem.  (I’ve written about them here and here).  Recently, Facebook has come up with two different and complementary security measures to fight back against these viruses, worms, malware, and other scams. First, Facebook

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Sustainable Energy: Sustainable Business Practices

Attached are the term paper and the presentation slides for Sustainable Energy at Rutgers. Sustainable Energy Paper Slides

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