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Winamp History

Winamp, the original media player, is largely an artifact of history in a post-iTunes world.  Why? The history of Winamp is one of bad management, corporate negligence, and being too slow in when speed is measured in Internet years.  The

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Celebrity Patents

Wired has a slideshow of patents by famous people.  My favorite?  The blouse invented by Albert Einstein.

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NFC Finally Here?

Is NFC finally here?  Google continues its push at the Google I/O conference.  Google announced that NFC enabled devices will be 15% of all new Android devices in the coming year, and there will be new features for NFC beyond

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V-22 Osprey In Combat

The controversial V-22 Osprey, the Marine Corps’ hybrid helicopter/airplane just got its first taste of combat… and performed well.

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Soda Bottle Solar Tubes

[vodpod id=Video.13037373&w=425&h=350&fv=] Reuters Video (via Boing Boing)

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