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Apple No Longer Claims Immunity

Apple finally admits that OS X is not immune from viruses and malware, just as security experts (and also yours truly) have been saying. While the Mac OS X’s Unix (BSD) underpinnings make it safer than Windows, Windows has come a long way with

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New Malware Targets Both Windows and Mac

It was only a matter of time, but now it’s here.  The newest malware attack targets computers operating both Windows and Mac.  No more safety from obscurity with Macs.  This newest malware appears to be based in China and be

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Mac Trojan Alert

No more security from obscurity. Now that the Mac OS X platform has become more prevalent, malware has followed.  In the last two weeks, two new trojan horse threats to security.  The first presents itself as a PDF file, “which

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Security Hole in Apple Batteries

A security hole in the firmware of Apple Mac batteries may well allow for malware to be installed on vulnerable systems… even after a complete reformatting of the hard disk and reinstall of the system. I wouldn’t be too worried

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