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Medical Marijuana Post-McIntosh

CUNY Law Review has published my piece: Medical Marijuana Post-McIntosh. United States v. McIntosh was a recent 9th Circuit decision stating that federal law prohibits the prosecution of these cases when the defendants are otherwise in compliance with state law.  If you

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New York Medical Marijuana Regulations

It’s not an April Fools Joke.  On March 31st, New York officially released its regulations for Medical Marijuana.  They can be found here: PDF. These are brand-new regulations, so their impact is still unclear, but here are some notable points.

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San Francisco to Ban Smoking — Except Marijuana

San Francisco is considering a comprehensive smoking ban in public areas — except for medical marijuana.  San Francisco already has limited outdoor smoking around cafes and restaurants and near building entrances and vents. Even with a “prescription” for marijuana, federal

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Medical Marijuana Coming Soon to NJ… Maybe

Gov. Christie is moving forward with NJ’s medical marijuana program because he believes that NJ’s program won’t fall afoul of federal law. Christie has been criticized for the slow pace of the program’s roll-out,  but several dispensaries have been shut down in

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