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First Bow Ties, Now Cufflinks

Cufflinks designed to mimic the pulsating glow of a Mac “breathing” in sleep mode. The iCufflinks are available here for $128.00.  The Open Source hardware design and source code available here.

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Symbian Closes Its Source Code

Nokia seemed to be making the right move when it opened the source code to the Symbian operating system, which runs on a large number of cell phones and handheld devices.  So when they announced that they were closing their

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Open Source Biology

Open Source Biology?  Stephen Friend is trying just that.  Friend is applying Open Source philosophy to the biological sciences in order to speed up pharmaceutical development. Why would these corporations and universities participate?  How is it in their interests? My

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Facebook Open Sources Its Server Design

Recently, Facebook opened up its server design. Both Google and Facebook as competitors in the same industry: advertising. Strictly speaking, they don’t compete in the hardware arena. Google’s actions indicate that it believes that its hardware designs give it an

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