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Nothing is Faster than the Speed of Light

It looks like those faster-than-light particles could really have been the result of a bad reading from a loose cable.  New readings will now be taken to determine the real speed of the neutrinos.

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Rare Good News in AIDS Fight

“A daily pill that costs just 25¢ can prevent both men and women from catching HIV from partners carrying the virus.” The potential impact of this is huge.

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Coast Guard for Space

James C. Bennett suggests that there is a need for an agency devoted to the burgeoning space industry.  NASA and the Air Force aren’t prepared to deal with the increasing amount of civilian, commercial space flight.  Bennett explains the need

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Medical Hygiene and Superbugs

It’s really one of those problems that we would thought would be gone by now, but hospital infections and diseases haven’t gone away.  According to this Scientific American piece, the problem has gotten worse. It is the ultimate paradox of

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Open Source Biology

Open Source Biology?  Stephen Friend is trying just that.  Friend is applying Open Source philosophy to the biological sciences in order to speed up pharmaceutical development. Why would these corporations and universities participate?  How is it in their interests? My

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