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Marines to Alcohol Test

The U.S. Marine Corps will now be conducting regular, random breath alcohol tests.  Marines will be required to submit to a breathalyzer test and those who register a blood alcohol content (BAC) level of .01 or greater will receive counseling.

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Google Wallet Expands Capabilities

Google Wallet now allows for multiple credit or debit cards to be used with its Android near-field communication (NFC) implementation.  Now supported Android phones can be used to wirelessly pay for goods and services using any credit or debit card

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Dropbox Users Hijacked

Dropbox recently found that several of its customer accounts were hijacked by third parties and conducted a full investigation.  According to TechCrunch: For some background: On July 17th, a number of Dropbox users begun noticing an increase in the level

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Get Rid of DNSChanger Malware

Approximately 300,000 computers are still infected with malware which has changed their DNS servers to rogue servers.  Those servers are set to shut off completely tomorrow and will effectively cut off Internet access to those computers. DNSChanger infects both Windows

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Apple No Longer Claims Immunity

Apple finally admits that OS X is not immune from viruses and malware, just as security experts (and also yours truly) have been saying. While the Mac OS X’s Unix (BSD) underpinnings make it safer than Windows, Windows has come a long way with

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