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Chad Johnson Arrested on Domestic Violence Charge and Cut from Miami Dolphins

Chad Johnson, formerly Ochocinco, the wide receiver was just cut from the Miami Dolphins because of his recent arrest. Johnson was arrested for simple domestic battery on his wife, with whom he had been married barely a month. Domestic violence

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Kenny Britt Arrested for DWI

Kenny Britt, receiver for the NFL’s Tennessee Titans, was arrested on Friday morning for DWI at Ft. Campbell, a US Army base in KY and TN. Britt, who is no stranger to the criminal justice system, was driving with Titans’ cornerback,

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Madden NFL 12 Predicts Giants Win the Super Bowl

h/t Kotaku

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There Was Football This Weekend?

And no one told me? (h/t Deadspin with a full explanation)

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How the NBA Uses Accounting Strategies to Maximize Losses

Deadspin has an analysis of the NJ Nets’ books from 2003 to 2006 with some interesting tax law and business strategy aspects.  For instance, NBA teams are allowed to take depreciation on players as well as writing off their salaries. 

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