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Winamp History

Winamp, the original media player, is largely an artifact of history in a post-iTunes world.  Why? The history of Winamp is one of bad management, corporate negligence, and being too slow in when speed is measured in Internet years.  The

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How the NBA Uses Accounting Strategies to Maximize Losses

Deadspin has an analysis of the NJ Nets’ books from 2003 to 2006 with some interesting tax law and business strategy aspects.  For instance, NBA teams are allowed to take depreciation on players as well as writing off their salaries. 

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UFC Encourages Its Fighters to Tweet

The UFC is embracing Twitter as part of its promotion strategy. From MMA Fighting.com: Unlike other professional sports organizations that have cautioned, not to mention fined, its players for using Twitter, the Ultimate Fighting Championship is encouraging its fighters to

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Sustainable Energy: Sustainable Business Practices

Attached are the term paper and the presentation slides for Sustainable Energy at Rutgers. Sustainable Energy Paper Slides

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Symbian Closes Its Source Code

Nokia seemed to be making the right move when it opened the source code to the Symbian operating system, which runs on a large number of cell phones and handheld devices.  So when they announced that they were closing their

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