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Sperm Donor or Father?

Four years ago, a Kansas man donated sperm, but now the courts want him to pay child support. Another example of how technology is several steps ahead of law, because these questions have yet to be fully answered.  If he

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iPad and iPhone Thefts on the Rise

iPad and iPhone thefts are on the rise in New York City.  The devices are stolen from individuals around the city, taken to “techies,” and then wiped and made available for reuse.  Frequently these devices are sold overseas, with the

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Dropbox Users Hijacked

Dropbox recently found that several of its customer accounts were hijacked by third parties and conducted a full investigation.  According to TechCrunch: For some background: On July 17th, a number of Dropbox users begun noticing an increase in the level

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Start Your Own Mobile Phone Company

Have you ever wanted your own mobile phone company?  Wireless data carrier?  Well, now you can (apparently).  The mobile companies are cooperating more with mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs), which “essentially resell the voice and data services of big operators,

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Digg Sold for $500,000

Digg, the social network that was once the high flier of the social media world, has now been sold for (only) $500,000. According to the WSJ, it was once valued at over $160 million… Oh how the mighty have fallen.

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