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Mac Trojan Alert

No more security from obscurity. Now that the Mac OS X platform has become more prevalent, malware has followed.  In the last two weeks, two new trojan horse threats to security.  The first presents itself as a PDF file, “which

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Security Hole in Apple Batteries

A security hole in the firmware of Apple Mac batteries may well allow for malware to be installed on vulnerable systems… even after a complete reformatting of the hard disk and reinstall of the system. I wouldn’t be too worried

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Facebook Increases Security

Malicious software on Facebook is an increasing problem.  (I’ve written about them here and here).  Recently, Facebook has come up with two different and complementary security measures to fight back against these viruses, worms, malware, and other scams. First, Facebook

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Facebook Virus Alert

It appears that my report of recent Facebook viruses is only part of an increasing trend. The new Facebook viruses use Facebook applications to spread themselves, and spread using a victim’s friend list.  In addition to the photo tagging pretense

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