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iPad and iPhone Thefts on the Rise

iPad and iPhone thefts are on the rise in New York City.  The devices are stolen from individuals around the city, taken to “techies,” and then wiped and made available for reuse.  Frequently these devices are sold overseas, with the

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Google Wallet Expands Capabilities

Google Wallet now allows for multiple credit or debit cards to be used with its Android near-field communication (NFC) implementation.  Now supported Android phones can be used to wirelessly pay for goods and services using any credit or debit card

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Start Your Own Mobile Phone Company

Have you ever wanted your own mobile phone company?  Wireless data carrier?  Well, now you can (apparently).  The mobile companies are cooperating more with mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs), which “essentially resell the voice and data services of big operators,

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NFC Finally Here?

Is NFC finally here?  Google continues its push at the Google I/O conference.  Google announced that NFC enabled devices will be 15% of all new Android devices in the coming year, and there will be new features for NFC beyond

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Patents as Shield and Sword

In Ars Technica there is an article on how Motorola Mobility, which has been acquired by Google, is using its patent portfolio as both shield and sword against Apple and its patent portfolio.  Interesting and informative about the role that

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