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Digg Sold for $500,000

Digg, the social network that was once the high flier of the social media world, has now been sold for (only) $500,000. According to the WSJ, it was once valued at over $160 million… Oh how the mighty have fallen.

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Battle of the Heart Attack Sandwiches

The WSJ law blog has this post about two competing burgers, both of which are decadent to the extreme. New York City’s 2nd Avenue Deli has its  “Instant Heart Attack Sandwich” (with latkes instead of bread) and plans a new “Triple

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Ever Wonder What the TSA Does with Confiscated Knives?

They sell them… Here’s a sample listing on eBay.

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Midtown NYC Traffic to Go High Tech

NYC has embedded sensors throughout the streets of midtown in order to monitor and control the flow of traffic.

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Two Private Property Stories

First, the triumph of private property in West Bengal, India: The [Communist Party of India-Marxist] CPI-M won Bengali hearts and minds through “Operation Barga” in 1978 that awarded tenancy rights to poor sharecroppers (called “bargadars”) who tilled farms.  .  . 

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